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When is the Registry Program preferred rather than clinical trial?

If a patient participates in a clinical trial, the subject will be compensated with chemotherapy-related lab tests and study drugs without cost. On the other hand, if the patient is randomized in to a control group, the subject can not receive RIAVAX. Therefore, the Registry Program with prescription and purchasing RIAVAX would be more recommended than participating in a clinical trial for the patients who definitely want to be treated with RIAVAX.

What is Eotaxin?

Eotaxin is a substance in our body which helps immune activation and suppression of cancer cell. According to the study results, the effectiveness of RIAVAX is greater for the pancreatic cancer patients whose baseline eotaxin is above a certain level. Therefore, the blood test for baseline eotaxin is performed in the hospital before prescribing RIAVAX under the approval condition by Korea MFDS.

What is the drug Leukine and how to purchase it?

Leukine (manufacturer: Sanofi Aventis) is an immune adjuvant which is injected 10 to 15 minutes before the RIAVAX injection. The adjuvant collects blood cells for the activation of immune reaction. Leukine is not approved in Korea, so the individual patients have to purchase through Korea Orphan Drug Center. The investigators of Registry Program will provide more information and help purchasing process.